Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Big Fat Georgian ქორწილი

A few WEEKS ago I went to an engagement party for Lila's cousins, and this past Saturday I went to the wedding. Since I was just apart of a bridal party that took over a year and half to plan, the whole concept of putting a wedding together in a matter of weeks just boggles my mind. 

Nino and I headed to the restaurant around 6pm then we proceeded to sit outside the restaurant for 2 hours waiting for the bride and groom to make their special appearance. We kept warm by cuddling together and chatting with all of her crazy relatives. Also, as it turned out there were a few of kids from my school attending the wedding. They were somehow related to the bride side of the family. I swear everyone knows everyone in Samtredia! So as I chatted with Nino every few minutes we would get interupted by one of my kids screaming "TARA!!!" and then they would run away. It was adorable!

Around 8pm we finally entered the restaurant to loud Georgian music. There were two long banquet style tables that seemed to go on forever and that were already piled high with food. We sat down and waited for the bride and groom to make their grand entrance.

Chowing down on some Georgian grub

The toast leader drinking out of a horn!

As many of you know I love fashion, and well the bride's dress well she ummm yeah. I won't be too mean but basically she belonged in Texas circa 1985 at a debutant ball. It was bad. I also got a glimpse of her white leather goo-goo boots and black tights that she wore underneath. But she is a beautiful girl so that definitely made up for it! (Trying to be nice!)

Not taking a fashion tips home with me.....

After having food shoved down my throat by Nino's two grandmother's, aunt, and mother who all decided they wanted to sit near me, I was ready to dance. Nino's cousin Tamuna and I hit the dance floor and all of a sudden we were surrounded by all my little girl students. I had my own little posse on the dance floor. Then, the bride and groom pulled me in to dance with them and gave me huge hugs and kisses. They were so glad I was there! And also a wedding definitely gets more points when you have an American go-go (girl) there! 

Me and my dancers....We could give Lady Ga-Ga a run for her money

The Newly Weds (Hopefully ends better than Jessica and Nick!)

The next day the girls and I went to our first Samtredia football (or soccer for all you Americans out there) game. When we first got their it was a bit intimitating since almost everyone in the stands was male and they were also screaming at the top of their lungs. 

The Samtredia Gals at the football match

Go Samtredia!!

Two of my students climbing the fence haha

It was Samtredia v.s. Tbilisi so it was a big deal. We actually won 2-0! Everyone went crazy at the end climbing the fence and everything. The next day all my kids kept coming up to me saying 'I saw you at the football game!' and 'Do you like football??' I guess I better start learning more about football besides David Beckham is married to Posh Spice. 

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