Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Its a Family Affair

My week in America was absolutely lovely, but of course like all good things, they eventually do come to an end. As my parents drove me to the airport I knew this wouldn't be as easy going back the second time especially since I knew what lay ahead, another 11 hour layover in Munich, Germany! 

My second layover in Germany wasn't as hectic as my first one with my friend Ralphaela. I definitely took my time getting into the city center, and just enjoyed the pleasures of a European city. I sat in coffee shops aka Starbucks (Hey, a girl has needs!) and just read my book for awhile. It was absolutely amazing. I wandered around lots of stores and then took a long walk to the English Garden. If your ever in Munich it is totally worth a visit. Its basically like the Central Park of Munich. I really came to Munich and America at the right time between the changing of the leaves and the Christmas decorations going up, it made me remember how much I love this time of year. I'm excited to see how Georgia celebrates the holidays considering their Christmas isn't till after the New Year!

Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten

A ball game that I remember learning about in French class!!! 

Nothing says Christmas like warm chestnuts!

I arrived in Tbilisi at about 4:00am, the same time that I came in in September. However, this was a lot different. I didn't have TLG staff waving me over or a bunch of English speakers to chat with, I was all alone. So with my Georgian-English dictionary in hand I went outside to get a cab. I ended up getting one for 25 Lari! I was so proud considering my friends apartment is pretty far from the airport. He did however shove my suitcases in the trunk and yelled "Police! Police!" and pointed in the other direction "We must go now!" I jumped in the cab and off we went. 

I made it to my friend Martina's apartment safe and sound. I slept for a few hours and then was awoken to find out that my ENTIRE Georgian family was in Tbilisi to come pick me up..well minus Bebia but STILL. Around 4pm they picked me up and after some awkward hugs and kisses we went off to the Tbilisi Zoo. Iraqli and Nino were so excited to show me the different animals. We walked around eating popcorn and staring at the animals behind barred cages. I felt like I was in the 1950s. I guess in America we have these "natural environment" areas that make us feel like were not really at a zoo so we don't feel as bad. After the zoo we hit up the mountain park and rode the ferris wheel! It wasn't as big as the London Eye compartments, but it had a TV in it! Crazy! The next day we hit up the biggest church in all on Georgia. This was the first time that I saw that tourists actually outnumbered Georgians at a tourist spot. 

The view from the mountain park

Nino and Iraqli being silly after our ferris wheel ride

The largest church in Georgia!

Nino and I inside the church

Then we were on the rode literally. I didn't even know we were headed back to Samtredia at first, and I had to spend 2 hours with Iraqli jumping all over me with no book, ipod, or anything until we stopped for lunch. By the time I got to the apartment I was exhausted! It was a long journey back to the Caucus, but it definitely did not lack in the excitement! 

The last few days I've spent around Samtredia catching up with my family and the rest of the Samtredia gals (we should really make tshirts haha). I did take a quick trip to a near by village to visit Lila's mom and dad. You would never guess with how many pictures I took how little time we spent there (like 25 minutes). I guess they weren't feeling the family time, hence the awkward picture. Got to love the Georgian smile or lack there of. 

Iraqli and his cousins getting some water from the well in the village

Cats playing in the beans

Lila with her parents
Even my family told me to take this photo...peek-a-boo


  1. > We SHOULD make t-shirts!!
    Form a band too. 'Samtredia Gals' - sounds great!