Friday, November 19, 2010

Bebia Could Win Flip Cup Any day

After arriving back to Samtredia I made it clear to my family that I couldn't sleep on the dining room couch any longer. Between having to hide my things every morning to make it look like I wasn't living there and not having a bed I just was not into this situation anymore.

So last Friday I moved back into a bedroom in the second house. You have no idea how nice it was to just lay on a bed and read a book! My bebia (grandma) and mama (father) have been alternating staying with me every night. It was a little uncomfortable at first to be spending so much time with one family member, and especially two of which that can't speak any English, but in some ways its been really fun!  

Bebs made me feel right at home. She brought tea up to the family room and we watched GeoStar (Georgia's American Idol, which they are crazy about by the way) till late into the night. One night we were watching TV and she goes "Let me try on your glasses." I'm like "Ok." She puts them on and then hands me hers to try on. The two of us were then just staring at each other in each other's glasses and laughing. Haha. Oh what a night. 

Another night we had dinner down stairs in the kitchen. She poured us each a half a glass a wine. She did a cheers and said "Chemi go-go" or "To my girl" it was adorable. Then she proceeded to down the glass of wine and flip the cup over and said "DONE!" I couldn't stop laughing for 2 minutes. I really wish I could of caught that on video camera! 

My nights with my father have been surprisingly good. I think getting him a massage thing from Brookstone while I was in America put me on his good side. I'm not that close with him so I thought it was really strange at first that he offered to even stay with me. However, once he broke out the wine we were totally fine! 

On Sunday night it was pretty cold in the house so he goes and pours us each and full glass of wine. As we start drinking I start to feel a lot warmer and now I finally understand why Russians drink so much vodka! He then asks me how much my friends and I can drink and he goes "I bet Melissa can drink a lot because she is so tall!!" I start laughing and he asks "How many glasses of wine can she drink?" I say, (And not trying to make her sound like a lush) "5 glasses!" He is in shock. And he replies, "Call her up! She lives close. Have her come drink with us!" Mind you this was on a school night. 


  1. LOVES that you and your father are getting closer! :) and you clearly didn't share with him how much wine you can put down young lady, those certainly weren't all my bottles of wine in the fridge JUST playing. Miss you. :-D

  2. Haha thanks babe! I don't think he will ever know hehe. Miss you too!