Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Fonz would be proud

I can't believe today is already Thursday! This week has flown by! School was really great this week. I think I'm finally getting into the groove of things. I was really happy on Monday when a few of the teachers came up and apologized to me for being so rude last week. They said my Georgian was getting better too! That made me feel really good. 

On Tuesday I got to lead the 4th grade and 5th grade classes by myself. I was definitely put on the spot, but at the same time it wasn't that hard to come up with ways to teach them. In 5th grade they were learning verbs like reading, writing, taking, riding etc. And in the 4th grade they were learning nouns like pencil, pen, rubber (eraser for all the Americans), pencil case etc. For the verbs I just started acting out the actions and writing them on the board. The kids loved pretending to ride a bike and take photos. For the nouns I made the kids take out all the objects and show them to me. I would lift up a pen and they would scream "Pen!!" and lift up their own. It was really adorable. 

The next day I was corned by an eager 10th grade student, named Mary. As we walked home together she got up the courage to ask me out for a cup of coffee. I thought, "Why not??" So me, Mary, and her friend Nino went to the cafe. She wouldn't let me pay for a thing! It was funny because we were the only young girls in there and everyone kept staring at us. And at one point she told me to lower my voice because the Georgian men were talking about us! I never realized that girl chat could be so controversial! 

Today was great because I worked with both the 11th and 12th grade and tried to have them speak about themselves. They have so much trouble expressing what they want to say that I suggested that we start a discussion group (like my friend Michelle is doing in her school!). My teacher loved the idea and quickly started making a list of all the kids she thought would want to join. After that, during our break she went around to the classes to see who else would want to participate. She came back with a total of 28 names. I was floored! That isn't a discussion group that is like double the size of my classes! I'm assuming that half probably will not show, but I guess I'll find out for sure on Monday!

The best part of my day today was teaching the 5th graders the days of the week. On the spot, I was like, "Wait. I have a song I can teach them!" The teacher was like, "Try anything!" and looked very relieved. You will never guess what song I taught them....the Happy Days theme song. Monday, Tuesday...Happy Days. Wednesday, Thursday...Happy Day. Friday, Saturday...Party all day with you! I never thought my excessive TV watching would help me in a classroom, but hey thanks Nick at Night! 

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