Monday, February 7, 2011

Walk On

Maybe its all those years of dancing on my toes, but I've been having some major foot issues since coming to Georgia. First, it was my right foot blowing up from bug bites (watch out spring, my Benadryl is ready to go!) Then, in Israel I twisted my right ankle while hiking through En Gedi. If you've ever hiked around there you could imagine the treacherous 'stair like' rocks I was climbing when I gracefully hurt my ankle (meaning almost fell on my face). 

Now, back in Georgia I thought I was in the clear, but nope last week the top part of my left foot started pounding with pain as I walked to school and around Samtredia. I was trying to brave it out, but after a few days of limping in pain I texted my host sister one night asking for our house address because I wanted to call a taxi in the morning to go school in.

I guess she took that as 'I am in deep pain and you need to help me NOW,' because she text me back saying "Tara. Father and I will be at house in 10 min. Doctor is coming. Wait me." This is at 11:30pm at night mind you. In less than 10 minutes they were there, and a few minutes after that I heard the sirens of an ambulance. Yep, they called the ambulance. No worries though. In Georgia an ambulance is more like a house doctor. Thank goodness too because I was not ready to brave my first Georgian hospital experience on account that my foot hurt.

I told them my issue, and within 2 minutes I was lying on my stomach getting a shot in my butt. I swear I've gotten more shots in my butt here than I have when I was a baby! And even better, it turned out the doctors on call that night were Melissa's host mom, and Iya's mom (one of Nino's best friends). So another plus is that the next time I'm sitting having tea at Melissa's house her mom will have a great image of my ass in her head!

I went to school the next day, but it was a mistake because all the children started realizing I was walking around like an old bebia (grandma), and the teachers kept asking if I was OK. Needless to say I spent the next two days cooped up on the couch in the dining room. It was great fighting over ways to help heal my foot with Bebia. I would put the icepack on, and she would take it off. I would take pain medicine and she would tell me the pills are what is causing the pain. Got to love Georgian medicine. You know I do!

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